man standing in front of a cave entrance

It’s Possible to Spelunk Even if You’re Claustrophobic

Caves aren’t a claustrophobic’s happy place. Confined spaces devoid of light — sometimes only the span of two palms — are the last things you’d want to be in. You have to admit, however, that there’s a certain high in braving the dark and exploring the unexplored, so much so that you’ve even considered visiting

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Incorporating IT Approaches into Small Businesses

There are two perspectives of information technology (IT) that small businesses can consider for incorporation into their organization. Strategic IT involves the use of IT to improve efficiency, create opportunities, and interact with customers and vendors. On the other hand, operational IT refers to the use of IT to support the various functions of businesses,

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Employees discussing using a laptop

Now That You’ve Moved Your Business to the Cloud, What’s Next?

Nowadays, the cloud is no longer just an excellent strategy for cutting costs. It has become an effective business enabler, essentially providing businesses with the ability to be a lot more innovative, flexible, and faster. However, while more and more businesses adopt cloud computing, some recognize too late that cloud adoption is merely the beginning.

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Person doing an online transaction

The Impact of Technology on the World

As time goes by, human beings seem to rely more on technology and less on traditional ways of doing things. This is especially true since technology is evolving. Thirty years ago, students would use library books and interviews to complete research papers. Nowadays, the Internet contains all the information you will ever need to create

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Keyword keyboard concept

SEO: Is Keyword Density Relevant?

Keyword insertion is one of the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO). This practice allows search engines to identify web pages that cater to specific people based on the words they contain. Including keywords and key phrases in your content tells Google and others what the piece of writing is all about and whom it

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