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Descendants of Christian HERCHE(HERSHEY)

Second Generation

2. Christian HERSCHE 1 (Christian ) was born about 1692 in Appenzell, Switzerland. He died in 1745 in Lancaster, Lancaster Co., Penn..


Christian married Esther EGLE (EGLI) 1 daughter of Abraham EGLI in 1713 in Friedelsheim, Germany. Esther was born about 1690/1695 in Palatinate. She died in 1792 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.


They had the following children:

+ 6 F i Elizabeth Egle HERSHEY(HERSCHE)
  7 F ii Mary HERSHEY(HERSCHE) was born in 1721 in , Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. She died in 1799. [Notes]
        Mary married Abraham NEFF Dr. son of Hans Henrich NEFF Dr. in 1759 in , Pennsylvania. Abraham was born in 1719. He died in 1793. [Notes]
+ 8 F iii Barbara HERSHEY(HERSCHE)
+ 9 M iv Christian HERSHEY(HERSCHE)
+ 10 F v Esther HERSHEY(HERSCHE)
  11 F vi Anna Elizabeth HERSHEY(HERSCHE) was born about 1738. [Notes]
        Anna married Samuel HERR son of Abraham HERR. Samuel was born in Mar 1722 in Millersville, Pennsylvania. He died on 30 May 1787.
+ 12 M vii Abraham HERSHEY
+ 13 M viii Benjamin W. HERSHEY(HERSCHE)
+ 14 F ix Ada (Addah) HERSHEY(HERSCHE)

3. Benjamin HERSCHE 1 (Christian ) was born in 1696 in Friedelsheim, Palatinate, Germany. He died on 29 Jul 1789 in Hempfield, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. He was buried in Abbeyville Mennonite Meeting House Cemetery, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.


Benjamin married (1) Mary RHODE daughter of Ulrich RHODE about 1718 in Pennsylvania. Mary died before 1762 in , Pennsylvania.


Benjamin and Mary had the following children:

+ 15 M i Christian HERSHEY
+ 16 F ii Anna Elizabeth HERSHEY(HERSCHE)
+ 17 F iii Maria HERSHEY
+ 18 M iv Benjamin HERSHEY(HERSCHE) (Jr.)
  19 F v Elizabeth HERSHEY.

Benjamin married (2) Anna Barbara CHRISTY on 11 May 1762 in First Reformed C, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.

4. Anna Elizabeth HERSCHE 1 (Christian ) was born in 1698 in Appenzell, Switzerland. She died in 1754 in , Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.


Anna married Herman LONG son of Christian LONG and Maria about 1715 in , of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. Herman was born about 1694 in , of Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. He died in 1773 in , Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.


Herman and Anna had the following children:

+ 20 M i Christian LONG
+ 21 F ii Addah (Ada) LONG
+ 22 F iii Anna LONG
  23 F iv Maria LONG was born about 1726 in , Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. [Notes]
  24 F v Esther LONG was born about 1729 in , Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. She died in 1814. [Notes]
        Esther married John MEYER. John died in 1814 in of Calico Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. [Notes]
  25 F vi Fronica LONG was born about 1732 in , Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. [Notes]
        Fronica married John ROHRER.
+ 26 F vii Barbara LONG
+ 27 F viii Catherine LONG
+ 28 M ix John LONG
  29 F x Magdalena LONG was born about 1740 in , Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. [Notes]
        Magdalena married Ludwig METZ. Ludwig died in of Rapho Twp., Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.
+ 30 M xi Herman LONG
+ 31 F xii Susannah Hershey LONG

5. Andrew HERSCHE 1 (Christian ) was born in 1702 in Canton, Appenzell, Switzerland. He died in 1792 in , Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Andrew married Mary Catharine in 1725 in , Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Andrew and Mary had the following children:

+ 32 M i Christian HERSHEY
+ 33 F ii Maria (Mary) HERSHEY
+ 34 M iii Benjamin (Bentz) HERSHEY
+ 35 M iv Andrew H. HERSHEY
+ 36 M v John B. HERSHEY Reverend
+ 37 M vi Jacob HERSHEY
+ 38 M vii Abraham HERSHEY
+ 39 M viii Isaac HERSHEY
  40 M ix Henry HERSHEY 1 was born in 1746/1748 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. He died in 1838 in of Swarta Creek, Pennsylvania. [Notes]
        Henry married Elizabeth GREIDER (KREIDER) 1, 2 daughter of Martin GREIDER(KREIDER) and Elizabeth MYERS.
  41 F x Catharine HERSHEY was born in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. [Notes]
  42 F xi Adli (Odie) HERSHEY was born in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. [Notes]
+ 43 M xii Peter HERSHEY (Dr.)

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